Odor Removal Tips of The Day

Have a musty house after it’s been sealed up for several days? 

• Open all windows and turn on all ceiling fans to allow fresh air to circulate.  

• Burn your favorite candle with fragrance. 

Did you burn some food on the stove top or the oven? 

• Open all windows and doors. 

• Turn on all fans. 

• Turn on all exhaust fans.

• Throw out the food that was burned and take it outside immediately.  

Smell something moldy?

• Check under all the sinks to make sure there is no moisture build up. 

• Check for wet or damp surfaces that are unusual.

• If you find mold be careful to call a profession to test it in order to determine if it toxic before you touch it.

If you have tried the basic tips and still have an odor issue? Give BioSweep Sacramento a call today! Visit Odorremovalsacramento.com